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Gloo provides online and affordable, pay-as-you go, integrated business productivity applications designed to work together to help all roles build customer relationships:


Business Productivity Applications

AnalyticsCRM: For Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.

People: HRIS, for, well... HR of course!

Recruit: Applicant tracking For HR.

Business: A suite of productivity apps including email, doc management, contacts, calendar, tasks and much more. Of most interest to IT but for use by everyone!

Assist: Remote support for IT, Customer Support, Training and Learning & Development.

Creator: Database creation app for everyone especially of interest to IT.

Invoice: For Finance.

Reports: For executives, managers and any user, department or organization that wants to visualize its data better.

Challenge: Online test management application for HR, Training and Learning & Development.



Business Collaboration Applications

Team CollaborationProjects: For Project Management, HR, IT, Training and Learning & Development.

Meeting: For Sales, MarketingTraining and Learning & Development.

Wiki: For everyone! Create a better knowledge sharing and collaboration environment by building an intranet, online knowledge base or online help documentation.

Discussions: Feature-rich online forum app for Customer Service, IT and even Marketing.

Mail, Chat, Docs: For everyone!


A Distinction

There's an awful lot of lingo in this business: the cloud, applications, services, hosted, SaaS, on premise, etc. When we refer to "products" on this web page, we are referring to the individual programs that our customers can run to improve their business. Some say that because Zoho provides SaaS (software-as-a-service) that we should refer to the programs as "services", not "applications", and I understand that. However, for clarity's sake, we refer to the programs as applications on this web site so as not to confuse them with the services that we provide as consultants.

The bottom line is that Zoho's products simply require a browser to access them. You do not need to "install" software.

So take a look at the Products menu, or go to the Your Role menu to see which applications apply to your needs.

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